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vincross hexa robot
vincross hexa robot
vincross hexa robot
vincross hexa robot
vincross hexa robot


HEXA Robot


Play, learn and be creative with a multi-functional all terrain programmable robot that is more than just a robot.


Meet HEXA, a multi-functional all terrain robot. It is easy to control with your mobile devices - it can walk and climb, take photos and videos, check your backyards and dance to the beat! You can connect to HEXA at anywhere with its own WiFi. Plus, with HEXA you can create the applications you’ve been dreaming of. Besides the hardware parts, HEXA comes with an OS, open source SDK and 3D simulator.


Compact and versatile 6-legged robot. HEXA’s optical and spatial sensors allow it to watch and learn from the world around it, and allow you to create interesting and intelligent functionality. Sensors include: 720P camera with night vision; 3-axis accelerometer; distance measuring sensor; infrared transmitter.


MIND is based on the Linux kernel and is optimized for robots. It integrates various libraries and drivers to easily control the robot hardware and network. With MIND, you create movements and applications that bring your robotic ideas to life. You choose how you want to develop and build, using either a Golang-powered SDK or a sandbox-style 3D Simulator.


Control HEXA’s movements and experiment with new robotic skills. Available on iOS and Android. MIND is a complete robotics ecosystem, including a user-generated Skills Store, where you can share your latest Skill or play around, testing out the Skills of your fellow robot- enthusiasts and HEXA owners.



  • HEXA
  • Wireless Charging Dock
  • AC/DC Adapter
  • User Manual