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The Sphero BOLT Is A Brilliant Educational Bot For Your Child

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The Sphero BOLT Is A Brilliant Educational Bot For Your Child

Parents. Are you looking for new ways for your child to learn about coding? Let’s be real, sending your child to evening classes after school or on the weekends, can be tiresome, expensive and might not be as interesting as it was before when your child begged you to learn about coding. 

Not to mention, looking for educational tools and apps on the Internet can be cumbersome, and most of them are difficult to use, especially for a child. Digital learning platforms are more appropriate for adults, and it can be challenging and complicated for a child to understand. Without further ado, it is time that you should know more about Sphero BOLT.

What Is The Sphero BOLT?

Not to fret, if you’ve not heard about Sphero, then it’s time that you should know about it. Sphero is a company that is globally known for its consumer robotics. In fact, Sphero has created lifelike versions of the  BB-8 robot from Star Wars. But the company has done much more than creating models. It has increased its focus on education by merging robotic toys with digital apps to generate incredible entertainment experiences for learning. 

Sphero’s latest in-line merchandise is another educational robot, the BOLT. It’s basically designed to teach children how to code. The BOLT is designed to work alongside the Sphero Edu app to teach fundamental concepts of programming languages through three different ways:

In the end, the Sphero BOLT will nurture your children’s imagination in many different ways that no education programme can ever reach. Sphero offers cross-platform apps that are approachable for all skill levels – for children and adults, allowing you to learn through creative techniques.

How Does The Sphero BOLT Work?

The BOLT connects via Bluetooth through the Sphero Edu app. It works as a portal to view your child’s programs and additional programs that other users have shared on the app feed. This gives your child the sense that their part of a growing community who wants to learn programming. 

As previously mentioned above, the app gives you three different options for your child to learn. The more your child learns about the BOLT, your child’s knowledge in coding will increase, and more new projects will open up, which gives your child a lot of opportunities to develop skills in coding. In addition, this learning opportunity should not only limit to your child. You as well have the chance to learn about programming languages. It can be a fun way to bond with your child and to learn a skill together. 

The BOLT’s high-speed zooming is entertaining and fun to watch. The graphics, text messages and animations even make the outcome of all that coding more visual and fast. The BOLT truly opens up a range of new opportunities for your child to learn at a whole different magnitude.

Not to mention, the tutorials and built-in projects give added assistance in developing your child’s skills and learning new capabilities of programming languages. However, your child will require a separate computer or an additional monitor to work on so that they can have the sample code and project visible on another screen while working in the app.

How Does The Sphero BOLT Teach Coding Exactly?

The BOLT is designed to be programmed by responding to the commands that tell the BOLT to move at which speed and direction, how to rotate, and how and when to flash its built-in LED lights. As a user, you can create conditionals, and it will respond as its data comes from its sensors. For example, you can program it to change direction if it’s going to collide with an objection, or even keep tabs on its course and speed. 

Moreover, the BOLT adds further opportunities for your child to learn more. The 8×8 LED Matrix animates and displays real-time data, which means they have full control over the brightness and colour to shine. This allows them to create simple images and multi-frame animations using a straightforward editor that’s intelligently built into one of the command blocks. What’s more, different blocks allow the user to create and run scrolling text messages on the display as it moves around. It gives your child endless opportunities to be creative and have fun while learning.

What Makes The Sphero Bolt So Special?

At S$224, the BOLT may seem expensive, but it is definitely one of the best learning cross-platforms that allows you and your child to learn programming. It brings exciting new learning capabilities for children to work with, both on the input and display, and it is supported by one of the largest tech education systems in the world.

Nothing beats the BOLT as it brings an accessible way into coding and does a fantastic job of bringing learning to life and getting children excited about what programming languages can do. So, if you are looking for a way to encourage a more active learning engagement with your children, this will prove a hundred times better than most other toy gadgets.

Don’t Miss Out.

The Sphero BOLT and the Edu app is easy to use, accessible and straightforward. Any eight-year-old child will instantly understand how to create primary programming language and get the BOLT moving. As a cool gadget with a purpose for education learning, there’s nothing that quite matches the Sphero BOLT.